remembering the graffiti man*

John Trudell thought I was a stick in the mud because I wouldn’t let him smoke pot. Here’s the scene:  On 13 November, 1999, I helped organize a concert for the Save the Peaks campaign—a hardscrabble effort to protect the San Francisco Peaks from a pumice mine expansion. These mountains are Arizona’s skyscrapers and a […]

fight the trite

Not-so-random pictures and news clippings from Baton Rouge’s Chimes Street ‘Ghetto,’ the Bayou, Industry Bar, and Louisiana State University’s free speech alley, ca.1982-1983. I’m inspired to collect these here because punk-ish history often verges on cliché, or risks being reduced to nostalgia for your 1980s playlist, and I wanted to personalize the larger story, bring […]

crime scene

In case you think this is going to be some pale imitation of the ‘Serial’ podcast where we are content to let mysteries lie, buck up: I am going to politicize this week’s events. I don’t mean the latest mass shooting.  However, seeing news of two more mass shootings in the last two weeks, plus […]

confronting meursault

I was inspired to spin Rachid Taha’s Rock el Casbah (Rock the Casbah cover) when I started Kamel Daoud’s provocative novel, The Meursault Investigation, and I encourage you to try it out. It’ll get you in a desert state of mind, a revolution state of mind. Daoud’s novel, on a first reading, seems a cry against both […]